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One of the many reasons that I have so proud of you…

Remember EMBO Course

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The EMBO Course Light Microscopy in Living Cells 2007 took place here, at the Institute Gulbenkian de Ciência.
These pictures shows some of the good moments of the course…

Nuno - Organizer

Gabriel - Speaking of Microscopy in living cells

Guy Cox - Speaker of EMBO Course

All the group                                   here I am!!!

Removal of Chlorites in Water Treatment Process

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My internship was at the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) with the objective of studying the operational and technological conditions required to reduce the concentration of chlorites in the treated water.
When chloride dioxide (ClO2) is used at the Water Treatment Plant as a pre-oxidant (for the oxidation of Iron and Manganese, to prevent undesired taste […]

The incompetent

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